12 Mysterious Vile Vortices on Earth, Countless Disappearance Cases Have Occurred Here

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12 Mysterious Vile Vortices on Earth, Countless Disappearance Cases Have Occurred Here

It is said that there are places in the world where planes, ships or people seem to disappear into thin air. Paranormal investigator Ivan Sanderson says there are 12 Vile Vortices on earth, distributed along specific latitudes, mainly in the planet’s tropical climate, with the remaining two at the north and south poles.

According to reports, Ivan Sanderson wrote an article in The early 1970 s about 12 “Vile Vortices” article, titled “The Twelve Devil ‘s Graveyards Around The World, The 12 sites are Mohenjo-Daro (hill of death), Bermuda triangle (devil’s triangle), Hamakulia volcano, Algerian Megaliths, devil’s sea, North Pole, Zimbabwe Megaliths, Easter island, South Atlantic Anomaly area, north new Hebrides trench, Wharton Basin and South Pole.

These 12 places are the areas of the planet where planes, ships and people are missing at unusually high rates, as well as electromagnetic waves and other unexplained paranormal events. Ivan Sanderson claims that the 12 “Vile Vortices” are distributed along specific latitudes, mainly in the earth’s tropical climate. Five of them are near the tropic of cancer, the other five are tropic of Capricorn, and the remaining two are north and south poles. These places are very far apart, but the distance between the two nearest places is about the same.

According to Ivan Sanderson’s statistics, the Bermuda triangle (devil’s triangle) has the highest rate of disappearances. Due to the huge air and sea traffic in this area, there is a high frequency of mysterious disappearances. Japan devil sea is also often mysterious disappearance and mysterious time distortion events, the Japanese government has officially designated the area as a danger zone. According to Sanderson, the cold, hot air and ocean currents that flow through these 12 regions can cause electromagnetic anomalies, strange mechanical and instrument malfunctions, and mysterious disappearance of aircraft or ships.

12 Vile Vortices locations

These 12 sites have been the site of a number of bizarre disappearances or paranormal events, specifically identified by Sanderson. These 12 locations are far apart from each other and are separated by the tropic of Capricorn and tropic of cancer. Consisting of two vortices located at the north and south poles, these 12 sites form the icosahedron(20-faced polyhedron) on earth.

(1) Mohenjo-daro (Mound of the Dead)

The mound of death was an important city of the Indus valley civilization, built around 2600 BC, and was a thriving civilization for 700 years until 1900 BC. Located in what is now Sindh, Pakistan. Mohenjo-daro is one of the world’s early ancient cities and is considered one of the most advanced civilizations of its time.

(2) Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle has long been a black hole on earth, with passing ships and planes reportedly disappearing. Now, however, scientists believe they have solved the mystery, and it is not Ufos or sea monsters that have caused the phenomenon. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is located in the north Atlantic ocean. The sea covers many shipping lanes and has killed more than 1,000 people in the past 100 years.

(3) Hamakulia volcano

This undersea volcano southwest of Hawaii is the site of many missing ships and aircraft.

(4) Algerian Megaliths

These mysterious ruins are located south of Timbuktu.

(5) Devil’s Sea

Five Japanese warships are said to have disappeared in the area between 1952 and 1954, as well as those sent to look for them.

(6) The North Pole

Doesn’t it seem strange that the disappearance occurred in the North Pole? It was cold and dark and at the top of the world. Maybe there will be a strange encounter with Santa Claus or snowman in the North Pole.

(7) Zimbabwe Megaliths

The grandeur of these lost civilizations is said to have made Europeans reluctant to admit that they were built by Africans, insisting that Zimbabwe was influenced by European culture.

(8) Easter Island

These famous Easter island statues, located on Easter island, have a terrible history of internecine warfare and so forth. Rumor has it that the statues were placed there by aliens.

(9) South Atlantic Anomaly

What is special about this region is that it is the closest to the surface to radiation from the earth’s interior, interfering with observations by the Hubble Space Telescope and the international Space station.

(10) New Hebrides Trench

New Hebrides Trench This trench is one of the deepest areas of all oceans and may hold many ancient secrets and undiscovered life.

(11) Wharton Basin

This is most likely where MH370 disappeared, and signals from the black box on board were traced back to this area in April.

(12) The South Pole

South Pole, the other top of the world, where the sun can disappear for a whole year should be amazing enough!

Maybe you don’t believe in magic, maybe you don’t believe in these claims, maybe you think time travel is a fallacy. No matter what you think or how you look at it, these disappearance cases actually happened.

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